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Do you (or your pets) experience difficulty swallowing pills?


Do you know someone who is allergic to dyes? Would you like to avoid bitter medicines?


These are just a few examples of how C&D’s custom compounding can benefit you. Compounding allows and requires us to focus on each patient as a unique opportunity. An opportunity to help a patient who is unsatisfied with traditional medications. From varying dosage strengths to a commercially unavailable product, compounding affords our patients and prescribing doctors virtually unlimited choices in their medication therapies.

Do you have trouble taking medicine? We can help.

Even the best medicine is useless if you can’t take it. We understand that some people require dosage forms and strengths that may not be available from a manufacturer. From lollipops to suppositories, we can find a solution to almost any dosing problem.


  • Troches and Sublingual Drops or Transdermal Creams/Gels

  • Suppositories, Enemas and Rectal Rockets

  • Oral Capsules and Liquids

  • Nasal and Otic Preparations

  • Topical Creams, Ointments and Sprays

  • Mouthwashes and Rinses

Dosage Options

  • Alternative Strengths

  • Preservative/Dye Free

  • Combination of multiple drugs into one dose

Don’t struggle with kids or yourself. Try Medication Flavoring.

Does anyone really “enjoy” taking medicine? No, medicine can be difficult enough to take without it tasting bad. Kids, adults and pets can sometimes avoid medicines due to taste. From Strawberry to Root beer, or Tutti fruitti to Lemon custard, C&D has all kinds of flavors available to suite your unique tastes. Stop taking yucky medicine….let us make a small change with a tastier solution. Don’t be forced to hold your nose or continue to choke down bad tasting medicine. Don’t struggle with your kids or pets. Come to C&D Drug Store and have your medication flavored to suit your needs. Good medicine shouldn’t have to taste bad. Contact us today for Flavoring…

Has your drug been discontinued? Is there a shortage with the supplier? Ask about a custom compounded alternative right here in Russellville Arkansas. Talk with us about custom compounding….


Learn About Custom Compounding 


Bioidentical Hormones (men and women) 
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